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A charming dwelling, a medieval structure with unique features, a diamond set in a territory of great charm. Getting to the Locanda San Leone means submerging oneself in history, a feeling that makes this little village really special. In the middle of the Montefeltro, among hills and valleys marked by the passing of time and the vestige of past epochs. On the other hand just by broadening the view you can catch sight of the walls of the Fortress of San Leo and its towers. You only have to take a short walk to get to the cloister of the convent of Saint Igne, another treasure to discover.

But the Locanda San Leone is a piece of history in itself. Its first building originated in the 13th century. It was in these years that the structure assumed the appearance of a small village, wrapped around the mill, an ancient working factory at the service of the Dukedom of Urbino, the last outpost on the border with the Malatesta lands. The Locanda passed through centuries to get to the present day. The present owner, Giancarlo Pianini Mazzucchetti, an authentic countryman who has always had a great passion for the countryside, fell in love with this place for the charm it exudes, for the unique atmosphere it donates. It is in this way that he has brought to life one of those preserving restorations which are only successfully brought to a fulfillment when supported by authentic passion and deep love. Just these two elements are still to be found now among the facilities of the ancient mill, which miraculously continues to carry out some of its functions: it is here that the energy supplying the Locanda comes from, an example of self-production which responds to the latest criteria of sensitivity for the environment and responsible choices.

"We have left this place untouched, integrating it with contemporary solutions only when we were certain that they would have enriched its functionality without affecting its spirit".

If the definition “dwelling of charm” is nowadays abused and sometimes ends up becoming a mere tourist classification, with the Locanda San Leone this title goes back to its deepest meaning. The one that is attributed to a place that has come to us after going through Medieval times and Renaissance. You have to see it to believe what its charm is. To fall in love with it.